An utility style framework for React Native


An utility React Native style framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.

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Based on TailwindCSS

OsmiCSX adopts the TailwindCSS concept. We want to implement the same coding style in React Native, styling the component just by calling the style name. But, because React Native does not use CSS browser, tailwind is not directly compatible with React Native. That's the problem OsmiCSX is trying to solve.

Need Boilerplate? Try ⚡ Osmi CLI

Initializing React Native project and setup all the configuration will take time, and OsmiCSX proudly presents Osmi CLI that will help you initialize your React Native Project with awesome boilerplate (Osmi Kit).

Osmi Kit includes the following rock-solid technical decisions out of the box:

  • React Native
  • React Navigation 5
  • OsmiCSX
  • Redux-Saga
  • Redux-Persist
  • AsyncStorage
  • apisauce (to talk to REST servers)
  • Flipper-ready
  • Reactotron-ready
  • TDD-ready
  • And more!

Quick Start

  • Missing + Enhancements

    Missing + Enhancements

    I was not able to find a way to provide a height: 100% relative to the parent just like the "full" - for width 100% without using flex.

    Also with Spacing, there is no way to provide responsive margins/paddings, so I am using react-native-sizes-matters, but can not really integrate it with padding and margins since they are custom and can not be any value, for eg: pl-${scale(14)}, I know I can provide this in the custom theme file, but again for each value this will make it longer and harder, So I think a good solution for this is to give an option to provide a pl-{anyValue} and same for margins

    opened by KJ-GM 9
  • typescript support ++

    typescript support ++

    Permisi, Mas @DeVoresyah . Ini saya lagi coba oprek-oprek library-nya. Mau coba bikin versi typescript-nya. cuma masih stuck di fungsi connect-nya, biar bisa dipake sama developer yang pake typescript.

    Mungkin untuk pengembangan selanjutnya, selain adanya dukungan typescript (minimal ada file berekstensi .d.ts yang terdefinisi di file package.json), bisa menambahkan provider menggunakan React Context API sama hooks.

    enhancement help wanted core 
    opened by achmadk 6
  • resizeMode for image styling and Width Height in string percentage

    resizeMode for image styling and Width Height in string percentage

    Excuse me, you can add resizeMode for image props when using styles and then add Width and Height in the form of percent strings like the example below: <Image source={Images.appLogo} style={{ width: "100%", height: "40%", resizeMode: "contain", }} />

    Thank you

    opened by shirokun20 4
  • Responsive UI clarification

    Responsive UI clarification

    So I just want to clear things out in terms of responsive usage, because I have been facing some issues with responsiveness lately and I was thinking what I am doing wrong,

    Text Fonts: I have seen that you have added a list of responsive fonts with certain values corresponding to the usual ones, how can I add a specific font value in the custom theme that is responsive ?

    Images: I am not really sure how to make images responsive, if you can please show small example?

    Paddings/Margins: I have seen that you have added the scaleWidth and scaleHeight functions.

    Are the scaleWidth and scaleHeight used for responsive spacing only or can they be used in other cases which I am not aware of, if yes where?

    Also, if I am missing other tools or facilities that can help for responsiveness, please let us know.

    Thank you

    opened by KJ-GM 3
  • Having control like Width and Height

    Having control like Width and Height

    Can't control value for these: Top, Left, Right, Bottom, Z-Index, Padding, Margin, Font Size, Letter Spacing, Line Height, Border Width, Border Radius like Width and Height did.

    My intention is if I want to make top/left/right/bottom higher than 10 or -10, I can just use: apply("top-50") apply("-top-50")

    Or if I want to make margin 20, I can just use: apply("m-20") In the docs, I have to use this to make same result and have to add manually for non-existing value (like margin 22): apply("m-5")

    opened by abdoerrahiem 2
  • directly `apply(color)` returning not a HEX code or rgba

    directly `apply(color)` returning not a HEX code or rgba

    I need to use white color which is, it should be apply("white") . But it not returning HEX code or rgba. It returning an object.

    {"0": "r", "1": "g", "10": "2", "11": "5", "12": "5", "13": ",", "14": " ", "15": "2", "16": "5", "17": "5", "18": ",", "19": " ", "2": "b", "20": "-", "21": "-", "22": "o", "23": "s", "24": "m", "25": "i", "26": "-", "27": "o", "28": "p", "29": "a", "3": "a", "30": "c", "31": "i", "32": "t", "33": "y", "34": ")", "4": "(", "5": "2", "6": "5", "7": "5", "8": ",", "9": " "}

    When i try apply("bg-white") it return {"backgroundColor": "rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)"}.

    bug core 
    opened by rizbud 1
  • [BUG] Dark theme NOT working with drawer navigation!

    [BUG] Dark theme NOT working with drawer navigation!

    Theming is not working as expected,

    I have two screens:

    First one changes where I use the state(rerenders because of the local state):

    this state that cause the rerender => const [theme, setTheme] = useState(appearanceHook.activeTheme)

    Second one dose not change at all(dose not rerender):

    Nothing is there except the styling with apply for two texts

    I tried to look for the problem in the library , I can see that you would rerender components that use apply using the onPatch by box state tree, but still it is not working here...

    I was able to fix this only by adding the observer for my second component which then acts as expected and changes colors accordingly

    This may be caused by the fact that the drawer navigator is used here, but that is still a problem, cause it is not working with drawer so its not compatible

    Here is small video that show the problem,

    opened by KJ-GM 1
  • width & height custom config scale

    width & height custom config scale

    Would be great to have config also for width and height similar like tailwindcss has. Also, it would be great if width and height could support percentage values. e.q. w-1/2

    opened by branislaav 1
  • Make OsmiCSX compatible for react native version < 0.64

    Make OsmiCSX compatible for react native version < 0.64

    Currently, we're using MobX-State-Tree to support our Dark Theme. But, it makes OsmiCSX doesn't compatible with the project that still using react-native version < 0.64.x

    So, I found an alternative way to make it compatible. Create global hooks and refactor dark theme system into it, if you have any questions feel free to

    enhancement core 
    opened by DeVoresyah 1
  • feat: width & height in string percentage

    feat: width & height in string percentage

    Adding support for percentage width & height in string. Issue #21

    Example Width




      width: "50%"

    Example Height




      height: "50%"
    opened by deyusf 1
  • add option for maxWidth and maxHeight

    add option for maxWidth and maxHeight

    in react native StyleSheet there are maxWidth: number and maxHeight: number. before update we can define it in CustomTheme.js like this

    "max-w-200": { maxWidth: 200 },
    "max-h-200": { maxHeight: 200 }

    after update, there is no documentation to add maxWidth and maxHeight

    opened by rizbud 1
  • v1.1.1(Oct 26, 2022)

  • v1.1.0(Oct 25, 2022)

  • v1.0.0-0(Jul 19, 2022)

  • v0.7.0-alpha.4(Nov 22, 2021)



    • fix: text responsive (#42 by @DeVoresyah)


    • feat: add percentage size (#43 by @DeVoresyah)
    • feat: add notch support for iOS (#44 by @DeVoresyah)


    • enhancement: add type support for exported connect (#41 by @DeVoresyah)
    Source code(tar.gz)
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  • v0.7.0-alpha.3(Sep 25, 2021)

  • v0.7.0-alpha.2(Sep 12, 2021)

  • v0.7.0-alpha.1(Sep 12, 2021)


    • Enhancement: Add transform translate (#33 by @deyusf)
    • Enhancement: Add transform scale (#35 by @DeVoresyah)
    • Enhancement: Add transform rotate in (#36 by @DeVoresyah)
    • Enhancement: Add transform skew (#34 by @deyusf)
    Source code(tar.gz)
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  • 0.6.10(Jul 12, 2021)

    Bug Fixes

    • Issue Fixed Width: Fix fixed-width processor by changing the detection with regex (#20 by @ambrizals)
    • Issue Fixed Height: Fix fixed-height processor by changing the detection with regex (#20 by @ambrizals)

    Unit Testing

    • Update: Support unit testing for v0.6.x (#20 by @ambrizals)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.6.9(Jul 10, 2021)

  • 0.6.4(Jun 27, 2021)

    Typescript Migration

    We finally migrate to typescript, we hope by this migration more people can contribute to this project. And also if you found something that not best practice in our typescript migration, don't hesitate to contribute 🥂

    Colors Improvement

    Extend Color Palettes

    Like TailwindCSS, we added more color palettes. Now every color has a 50 value. Example:


    Colors Opacity

    We also add new features like TailwindCSS, colors opacity. Now you can add color opacity for Background Color, Border Color, and Text Color Example:

    apply("bg-red-500 bg-opacity-50")
    apply("text-blue-500 text-opacity-25")

    Custom Theme Enhancement

    We created a new algorithm for Custom Theme. With this algorithm, you just need to define small pre-defined styles on your custom theme. Take a look at our new custom theme rules :

      colors: {
        // custom colors
      spacing: {
        // custom spacing
      border: {
        width: {
    	// border width
        radius: {
    	// border radius
      font: {
        family: {
    	// font family
        size: {
    	// font size

    And here's a usage example:

      // this will automatically generate background color, border color, and text color
      colors: {
        primary: "#f56565",
        secondary: "rgba(107, 114, 128, --osmi-opacity)"
      // this will automatically generate margin, padding, top, right, left, bottom
      spacing: {
        "30": 120
      // generate border width and radius
      border: {
        width: {
          "30": 120
        radius: {
          "super-xl": 120
      // generate font family & font size
      font: {
        family: {
          "font-regular": "OpenSans-Regular"
        size: {
          "xxl": 40

    Dark & Light Theme

    Finally, we can support the dark theme, you don't need to manually check if the mobile device is using a dark theme or not. We do it for you. You just need to tell us which color you want to use if the device is using a dark theme.

    By using prefix dark: and then following with the type of color (background/border/text) Example:

    apply("bg-white dark:gray-900")

    It means that the default/light background will use white and for the dark them it will use gray-900

    That's all for this new release, hope you all like it and enjoy it Cheers ~! 🥂

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.5.1(Nov 18, 2020)


    Responsive Implementation for Width, Height, and Font Size

    Actually, we already have a responsive module since 0.5.0. But we realize that the implementation of the responsive module still hard. Now we inject it into apply() and connect() ecosystem.

    Responsive Width based on Window Dimensions Width


    import { apply } from 'osmicsx'
    const Button = props => {
      return (
        <View style={apply('w/90 bg-blue-500 self-center')}>
          <Text style={apply('text-white text/5 font-medium')}>Button</Text>
    • w/90 will return 90% width of the window width
    • text/5 will return 5% of the window width

    Responsive Height based on Window Dimensions Height


    import { apply } from 'osmicsx'
    const Button = props => {
      return (
        <View style={apply('w/50 h/50 bg-blue-500 self-center items-center justify-center')}>
          <Text style={apply('text-white text/5 font-medium text-center')}>Hello World!</Text>
    • w/50 will return 50% width of the window width
    • h/50 will return 50% height of the window height
    • text/5 will return 5% of the window width

    Responsive Font Size based on Window Dimensions Height


    import { apply } from 'osmicsx'
    const Title = props => {
      return (
        <Text style={apply('text-white text/8 font-medium text-center')}>Hello World!</Text>
    • text/8 will return 5% of the window width
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.5.0(Apr 28, 2020)


    Update algorithm for apply() method #4

    Previously, apply() method need to use multiple params. Now, we gonna migrate to space separator instead of array params.


    apply("flex", "items-center", "justify-center")


    apply("flex items-center justify-center")

    Update connect() method algorithm #5

    Related to #4 plan, connect() algorithm will also have an update. We also want to use space separator on connect() method. Maybe it will easier and more simple,


    export default connect({
        container: [
        title: [


    export default connect({
        container: "flex items-center justify-center",
        title: "text-lg text-center text-black font-bold"

    Colors support in apply() method #6

    Adding support to call any colors with apply() method. So, you don't need to use any colors extractor again





    Update scaling method & responsive text #7

    We've updated the text responsive in this version.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.4.0(Apr 9, 2020)


    Remove family() helper method

    family() helper method has been deprecated in this version. Please set up your custom font family on OsmiProvider

    Remove default helper method

    default helper method has been deprecated in this version. You cannot use import default anymore, please use apply() helper method instead.

    Update apply() helper method algorithm

    apply() helper method now has a new algorithm, instead of using array when call the method. Now you just need to write multiple namespaces on method params.


    apply(["flex", "items-center", "justify-center"])


    apply("flex", "items-center", "justify-center")
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.3.3(Apr 5, 2020)

  • 0.3.0(Apr 1, 2020)


    Add new OsmiProvider

    OsmiProvider is a new method to config the custom style / theme like adding custom namespace. And also in OsmiProvider we simplify the styling concept. For more detail please check the Release Notes in Documentation

    Update Project Structure

    Just move some file to another folder

    Simplify Styling Concept

    We're more simplify the styling concept, for the templating style by removing the apply method. Now you just need to use multiple namespace in the array.

    deprecated some Method

    In this release, we've been added OsmiProvider which will replace several method like the default method and family method.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.2.0(Mar 28, 2020)


    Fix Minor Bugs

    Some bugs in Border Style has been fixed.

    Refactor Flex Direction Namespace

    Here's the new namespace for the flex direction:

    • row
    • row-reverse
    • col
    • col-reverse

    Add more border style

    In the previous version, border style only have 4 kind. Now we expand more styling for the border style

    Update Official Documentation

    Official documentation of OsmiCSX has been updated and can be access on

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.1.3(Mar 27, 2020)


    • Fix Text Alignment bug
    • Update custom style method
    • Add new helper method family

    family() helper

    family() is a custom fontFamily style helper. You just need to put the font name from your project Example:


    Update Custom Style Method

    Now for custom style you just need put an object in the apply() array instead of second params. Example:

        { backgroundColor: "red" } // custom style
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.1.2(Mar 27, 2020)

  • 0.1.1(Mar 27, 2020)

  • 0.1.0(Mar 27, 2020)

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